Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shipping Art

The selection of a shipping company is typically determined by deadlines and budget. As a rule, insure artwork for its full value either through the shipping company or art insurance company and opt for the shortest delivery time possible. General services, such as FedEx or DHL have fine art shipping services, as well as a variety of specialty fine art shippers.

Professional fine art shippers are the safest shipping option because they only transport artwork and use trucks that are specially designed to transport art. They also have staff trained in art handling procedures and can offer assistance with insurance, courier services, carnets, documentation, and unpacking.

When choosing a fine art shipper, look for one that offers the following:
• customized security
• temperature controlled transport
• in house pickup/delivery
• shuttle services between major cities

When shipping overseas, it's important to realize that practices differ between countries and duties and taxes are the responsibility of the owner of the artwork.