Monday, February 22, 2010

The Smithsonian's Art Collecting Resource

I stumbled upon the Smithsonian’s art collecting program, and their extensive and educational website about collecting art. Even if you don’t want to buy art through the Smithsonian Associates Art Collectors’ Program, the website is a great resource for collectors (or prospective collectors) who wish to learn more about the world of art collecting from one of the nation’s (and world’s) most comprehensive and well-known art institutions.

The resource gives information on everything from “Buying Good Art” (noting Fine Art Prints as an affordable way of owning original works of art by well-known artists) to “Selective Collecting: How to Focus Your Contemporary Art Purchases” (giving examples of collectors who have made selections by identifying their unique passions).

Other topics discussed on the site include buying prints with confidence, protecting original artwork and sculpture, the first step of collection management, researching history and authenticity, print buying 101, etc.

The Smithsonian gathers its information from a variety of sources and links to other useful websites - like, an informative and interesting British website that contains articles on how to collect and enjoy all types of art.

Check out the Smithsonian’s art collecting page to become a member or simply to take advantage of the museum’s tips, advice and more!

Check out the Smithsonian's for-purchase Art Collection here.