Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Yale & Conservation

Today I was posting at another blog of mine about one of my favorite art museums (the Yale University Art Gallery) and realized that their current exhibition focuses on one of my favorite topics I cover on this blog. I have recently been posting about the importance of conservation and the ethics surrounding it (here and here), and think this is a show that I definitely have to get up there to see.

Yale University Art Gallery
New Haven, CT
through September 6, 2009
This exhibition offers a rare opportunity to explore the process of fine-arts conservation, uncovering the relationship between curators and conservators and the objects entrusted to their care. Each of the works in the exhibition illustrates a different conservation dilemma. The passage of time impacts not only the physical state of an object but also the techniques used to preserve it. Time Will Tell examines the evolving science of conservation and the questions that arise in preserving works of art while staying faithful to the artists’ intentions.