Friday, April 17, 2009

ArtBabble website

A staff member at the Indianapolis Museum of Art explains the ArtBabble Web site. Tom Strattman for The New York Times.

Lately, I have been posting information about resources that help collectors organize and enjoy the work they own. If you are like me, you want as much information as possible from artists, curators, dealers, and others in the art world.

I have always enjoyed speaking with artists and curators to gain a deeper understanding of the work I collect or just to get to know the people behind the art. As of this week, there is a new place to go for videos about art and artists.

The Indianapolis Museum of Art just launched, a website that offers videos from sources such as Smithsonian American Art Museum, the New York Public Library, and the Museum of Modern Art. The site is not only geared towards collectors, but makes the voice of the art world accessible and clear to all.